Sunday, March 13, 2005


We have a houseguest staying with us for the next two weeks. Prior to his arrival, Sarah and I gave our home a top to bottom sprucing up, right down to fluffing up the throw pillows that permanently live on the sofa and love seat. Even though he hasn’t traveled very far, as with any guest who pays us a visit, we want our good friend to feel comfortable and right at home.

Jasper is the nine-year-old black Cocker Spaniel who lives next door to us. The human members of his family departed yesterday for a much-needed holiday in the British resort town of Orlando, Florida. Next to Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, plus Malaga, Spain, holidaying snowbirds fleeing the seasonal cold of Britain tend to flock in the warm environs of Florida. I’ll have to elaborate further on my observations of the migratory habits of the Britons in another journal entry.

Unable to bear the thought of 'Good Neighbor Jasper' being confined to solitary confinement at some impersonal kennel, Sarah and I insisted that he stay with us instead. During the past twenty-four hours, he has more than expressed his gratitude for our hospitality and has been the ideal houseguest. If he could have reached the kitchen countertops, I am sure that Jasper would have donned his chef’s hat and prepared us a gourmet dinner last night. This highly intelligent canine has a lot of Snoopy within his inner being. Instead, he ensured that Sarah and I had a safe and comfortable slumber by standing sentry in our bedroom; curled up and snoring at our feet.

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