Thursday, March 17, 2005

Calendar Girls

Remember that wonderful movie Calendar Girls, which told the story about members from the Women’s Institute who posed “almost nude” for a charitable fund-raising calendar? Well, the story was a true one, and there really are WI chapters throughout Great Britain. And just like in the movie, I am told, they commence each meeting by singing the Anglican hymn, Jerusalem.

I am to be the guest speaker, next week, at a meeting of the local WI chapter. Somehow, through no intention or fault of my own, news of my existence on these British shores has managed to leak out among the populace. I have been asked to give a presentation chronicling my behind-the-scenes experiences working on the Academy Awards. In an act of charitable mercy, so that they won’t be subjected to a talk on the nocturnal mating habits of the ring-tailed marmoset, I have accepted their invitation. I’ll report back on how it went.

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Eric said...

I remember the movie...but was it wonderful? Cute...but wonderful? How did your presentation go?