Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Calendar Girls & The Prince

I have made reference in the past to those members of the Rylston Women's Institute who shot to worldwide fame eleven years ago for posing nude in a very tastefully produced calendar, in their effort to raise money for leukemia research. Six of our original Calendar Girls, including ringleader Angela Baker, have been invited to attend a special reception being held in their honor at Clarence House by the Prince of Wales.

Prince Charles has apparently been a longtime fan of these ladies and wanted to celebrate the fact that their efforts had hit the 1 million pound mark. The six friends who continue to be involved in fundraising have dubbed themselves the Baker's Half-Dozen, and the money they have raised has helped to open a pioneering cancer research institute at the University of York.

Even happier news is that Angela Baker will soon wed the Rev. Charles Knowel, the long-time family friend that consoled Mrs. Baker after her husband's death from leukemia. I wish her and the vicar much deserved years of happiness together.

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