Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thank You, Teddy

Along with the rising dawn, word has reached us from across the pond of the passing of Senator Edward M. Kennedy. Despite (or in a conscious recognition of) his own privileged life, the “liberal lion” of the U.S. Senate was a steadfast champion of the working class and the poor. Like his brothers before him, his was a constant and powerful voice on behalf of civil rights, justice, education, and fairness. During his 47 years representing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on the senate floor, he fought a relentless battle to bring universal health care to all Americans simply because it was the right and just thing to do.

The metal of his own personal life was somewhat tarnished and contained a few dents and scratches; who among us doesn’t have a few dents or scratches of our own? It is what confirms that we are all fallible, and hopefully makes all of us better and more compassionate individuals in the long run. As challenging as it may be, the nattering bobble heads at Fox Noise would do themselves and the rest of the world a great service to maintain a respectful silence and not attempt to disparage the memory or public service record of the late senator.

Universal healthcare is once again being hotly debated, as it is a promised federal program that is being put forward by President Obama and his administration. It would be a grand and lasting tribute to Ted Kennedy if such a long-overdue program which would benefit each and every American were to be finally enacted. It would be the right and just thing to do.

Thank you, Senator Kennedy.

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