Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Brett Meets Brett Show

The last telephone call came the day before Super Tuesday; I was invited back into the broadcast studios of BBC Radio Lancashire yesterday evening. It's now three weeks to go until Election Day in the United States and radio host Brett Davison convened another edition of what he is now calling The Brett Meets Brett Show.

Actually a 30 minute segment within his nightly drive-time radio programme, and following a segment devoted to the latest developments in the ongoing battle against male pattern baldness which left me subconciously running my fingers through my own still-thick locks, I provided Brett with the answers to his latest questions about the campaign of Obama versus McCain, plus threw in for good measure a simplified primer on the concept of the Electoral College. For one brief shining moment during the interview, I felt like the late great Tim Russert with his magic white board.

Once again I found this an enjoyable experience. I left the studio with the hint of at least one more possible return engagement between now and Election Night.

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Aimee said...

Did you tell him that all your old LA bunch is rooting for Obama? GOOOOO OBAMA!