Monday, September 05, 2005

Are Those The Lovely Bagpipes I Hear?

I have just returned from two work-related days in Edinburgh, Scotland. Edinburgh is a very beautiful and culturally rich city that I intend to visit again many more times in the future. It was the final two days of the Edinburgh International Festival, and revellers from all corners of the globe were very much in evidence as I strolled the Royal Mile; that long stretch of cobbled street that stretches from Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

I was in town specifically to attend the Edinburgh Mela, which touts itself to be the largest southern asian festival in the whole of the UK. As someone who is qualified to wear the tartans of both the MacDonald and MacNaughton clans, I actually found it quite entertaining to watch a band of traditionally costumed Pakistani musicians marching through a park in the middle of the Scottish capital, while playing Dixieland Jazz on brass instruments, Asian drums, and the bagpipes. The only thing missing was haggis served with a red curry sauce.

Unfortunately, I had to board the high-speed Virgin Train for my southern trek back toward Whalley, just as the fireworks were being launched from the ramparts of Edinburgh Castle. A multi-color light spectacular announcing the culmination of this year's festival. Are those the lovely bagpipes that I hear, as my train pulls out of Waverley Station? Aye, laddie. That they are. Calling out to this son of Scotland and beckoning him to hurry back home really soon.


Aimee said...

Sorry I couldn't give you tips before you went Brett, but I'm glad to hear you enjoyed yourself! Now you see why I go back as often as I's an incredible city.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brett!
Sounds like life is treating you well! Email me so I can send you info on NHHS 30th Reunion! (Peggy)