Thursday, April 14, 2005

RMS Titanic

Ninety-three years ago today, on April 14, 1912, the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg while sailing on her maiden voyage from Southhampton to New York. Of the approximately 2,223 passengers and crew on board, there were only 705 survivors.

Two very notable people who distinguished themselves on this fateful night were from the local area where Sarah and I currently reside. The ship's very talented bandleader, Wallace Hartley, was born and raised just a few miles away in the town of Colne. He and his fellow musicians calmed the passengers with their music, playing their instruments right up to the Titanic's final minutes afloat. A monument honoring the memory of Mr. Hartley was constructed not far from Colne's municipal hall. Also keeping order, and doing his best to save as many people as possible, was Second Officer Charles H. Lightoller. A native of nearby Chorley, "Lights" would go on to distinguish himself 28 years later when he navigated his personal cabin cruiser to the shores of Dunkirk in 1940, successfully saving the lives of many British soldiers who were fleeing the advancing Nazi onslaught.

Tonight, Sarah and I shall raise a glass and toast the memory of Titanic and all who sailed upon her. I hope that if the opportunity presents itself, you will all pause and take a moment to do the same.

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Michele said...

Hi Brett!
Stephanie sent me this info and I'll be taking the girls down for a visit before the show ends.

COSI Presents -- The Titanic -- The Artifact Exhibition --
March 12th thru September 5th!

Columbus Ohio

The Story of Titanic has been told and retold, but never more
poignantly and passionately than by the artifacts presented in this
exhibition. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is a collection of more
than 300 artifacts recovered from the final resting place of the R.M.S. Titanic, 2.5 miles below the surface of the North Atlantic Ocean. These objects are chosen and displayed in such a way that tells the true, compelling story of the world's most famous ship.

Visitors to this 15,000 square-foot exhibit experience remarkable room recreations-including the ship's fabled Grand Staircase-and hear stories of the passengers and crew through a compelling audio tour. As visitors touch an iceberg they will feel how cold it was for passengers thrown into the water on the night of Titanic's sinking, April 14, 1912. In the Memorial Room, visitors will learn about the aftermath of the disaster, the relief funds, and the efforts to find the over 1,500 lost loved ones.

The Exhibit Experience

COSI is proud to host one of the most visited traveling exhibitions in history. The 15,000 square-foot exhibition features hundreds of
artifacts recovered from the Titanic wreck site and a chronological journey from the ship's design and construction, through its fateful maiden voyage, to the scientific recovery efforts that made this exhibition possible. Visitors will see remarkable room re-creations,
including the ship's fabled Grand Staircase, and can touch an iceberg to feel how cold the water was on the night of April 14, 1912. This compelling story will touch guests of all ages.

Before entering the exhibition, each guest is given a reproduction of a White Star Line boarding pass. On this boarding pass is the name and story of an actual Titanic passenger.

The wreck of the Titanic lies 323 nautical miles southeast of
Newfoundland, 2.5 miles beneath the surface of the ocean. It was
discovered on September 1, 1985, by a team of American and French

The first gallery gives the visitor the experience of diving the wreck of Titanic and surveying the debris field. Objects are displayed as if they were in sand at the bottom of the sea. The theatrical lighting gives the guest the experience of being on the ocean floor. This gallery speaks to the discovery, recovery and conservation of the
artifacts from the historic ship

Hours of Operation

DATE March 12, 2005 - September 5, 2005
TIME OPEN Wednesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm Sunday Noon - 6pm
CLOSED Monday and Tuesday
COSI is open on the following Mondays: Columbus Day, Martin Luther King
Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day
COSI is closed: New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, July 2, Thanksgiving
Day, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day